For beginners,
advanced and professional

Learn how to master the arts of fire in complete safety

Step 1 – Registration

The candidate registers on the GardeFeu registration page as a student. This registration, at a cost of $35 per year, gives automatic access to the TOHU GardeFeu weekly self training sessions.

Step 2 – Identification of objectives

GardeFeu connects with the student to discuss his or her goals and assign a teacher according to his or her needs. The student can also come to a training session to try out different equipment to decide which ones they would like to learn.

Step 3 – Learning to Learn

The student comes to the training sessions and receives individual instruction with his or her mentor. Training takes place at La TOHU. During their first visit, students receive the safety course free of charge.

Why choose GardeFeu?

  • Each mentor has tremendous experience (several have over 10 years of experience)
  • One-to-one training with your mentor, semi-private training (2 to 3 persons) on request.
  • Access to the weekly free training sessions organized by GardeFeu to practice your new apprenticeships safely (nearly 150 hours a year!).
  • A non-profit organization dedicated to the development of fire artists, more than 90% of course fees go directly to mentors.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Do I need to be a fire artist to participate?

No, not at all!

On the other hand, it is important to know that being an artist of fire requires certain mental and physical qualities. If you can’t move easily, can’t concentrate or act quickly, the fire arts may not be for you. When you register, you will have to accept a waiver that stipulates several conditions.

The formation Fire safety training theoretical and practical is mandatory and included free of charge in the subscription.

No one can enter the security perimeter without having successfully completed the fire arts security training.

If this is your very first contact with fire, make sure you wear only natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen, leather), nothing synthetic.

I don’t know what discipline to choose! What’s the best?

Sometimes it is not the artist who chooses the discipline but the discipline that chooses the artist! We have fire-free training equipment on site that you can manipulate to experiment. There is no discipline better than any other, the important thing is that you feel pleasure in practicing.

If I already have my students, can I use your training area for my fire classes?

If you already have your students, we can organize an area dedicated to your group.

Don’t forget that all artists entering the area must have received the GardeFeuFirefighting safety course for firefighters.

I want to learn

We look forward to training with you!

Photo credit: Hugo St-Laurent