Professional fire performer

Insurer recognition of your safe practice in fire arts

In recent years, many insurers have withdrawn from the fire arts industry. Of the few that remain, some now require proof of competence from our organization, called GardeFeu Certification. This is a two-step process:

Step 1

Course 101 - Safety in fire arts

The Fire Arts Safety 101 Course is recognized by many insurers as an effective method of reducing fire arts risk. This course is offered to everyone, including artists with a problematic history in the fire arts, to give them the opportunity to learn safe practices. This 3-hour theoretical and 1-hour practical course is given in person. It includes a 15-question exam, with a passing grade of 80%.

There are two ways to take this course:

Via GardeFeu

Held at Parc Léon-Provancher in Montreal on one of our evenings when a course is offered, please consult the schedule, the regular rate is $75. Please note that these events are weather-dependent, so be sure to check the Facebook page for cancellation announcements.

Via an independent instructor

Independent instructors cover a vast territory: Toronto, Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Quebec City. These instructors often have more flexible schedules, better suited to professionals. Rates are at the instructor's discretion, and you should contact them directly. Please note that you'll need to open a GardeFeu file for $35 before your course, which your instructor can help you with.

Step 2


The GardeFeu Certification recognizes the professionalism and safety attitude of a fire artist.

Prerequisites for this certification are:

  1. Successful completion of the Course 101 Safety in fire arts (Step 1)
  2. No problematic history that could present a fire arts risk (behavior, attitude, impairment, etc.).

This tool enables insurers to identify the safest fire artists and thus reduce the risk incurred when issuing an insurance policy. The cost of certification is $75, and a 3-year competency card is issued to the artist.