Course 101 Safety in fire arts

Safety first

This course covers the theoretical and practical aspects of fire arts safety and is based on the GardeFeu protocol.

This course is recognized by insurers requiring proof of fire artist competency.

This course is a prerequisite for:

  • Participate in GardeFeu's fire jam and other fire activities.
  • Obtain the Fire Artist Certification (only for professional performers who perform and need proof of successful completion of the course for their insurance carrier).

There are no refunds for failure.

How the course is run

This course takes place over 2 evenings and is offered in Montreal during the weekly training sessions between May 1st and October 15th. (To take the course outside this period, see the independent instructors at the bottom of the page)

1st evening:
- Theoretical safety course (3h)
- Theoretical exam
2nd evening:
- Practical safety course (1h)
- Practical exam
- First round of safety under supervision

Regular package



Student Package

Proof of enrollment in an educational institution is required for the student package.



Circus School Package

A proof of registration in one of the following circus schools is required for this package.
- Verdun Circus School
- National Circus School
- Quebec City Circus School



Independent instructors

The following instructors are authorized to teach the Course 101 Safety in fire arts outside of the organization's regular activities. The terms and conditions of the teaching (location, rates, dates) are left to their discretion and may differ from the rates offered during GardeFeu evenings.

Nova Scotia
Windsor JunctionRachael
Nova Scotia
Windsor JunctionTaylor
Pascal Duguay
Samuel Lé
QuébecQuébecCoralie Cyr St-Pierre​​​​​​​​​​​​
QuébecTrois-RivièresMarie-Line D'été

Crédit photo: Hugo St-Laurent