Is it safe?

Yes it’s safe if you are with us!

Training sessions with fire are conducted according to a strict protocol which is the result of more than 200 training evenings. This protocol has been accepted by the Montreal Fire Department and the North American Fire Arts Association.

The required safety equipment is provided and each person entering the security perimeter has followed a href=”/formation/protocole-gardefeu”>mandatory safety training (theoretical and practical) on the protocol to be followed. This training is provided free of charge during a member’s first visit.

An artist-to-rescuer ratio is strictly adhered to. A lifeguard can supervise 3 advanced, 2 intermediate or 1 beginner. Each artist must also participate as a lifeguard.

Keep in mind that fire handling still involves risks like any circus activity, so it is important to follow safety rules, be in possession of all of your faculties, control your movements without fire first and respect your personal limitations.