Step 1 – Registration

The candidate registers on the GardeFeu registration page as a student. This registration, at a cost of $35 per year, gives automatic access to the TOHU GardeFeu weekly self training sessions.

Step 2 – Identification of objectives

GardeFeu connects with the student to discuss his or her goals and assign a teacher according to his or her needs. The student can also come to a training session to try out different equipment to decide which ones they would like to learn.

Step 3 – Learning to Learn

The student comes to the training sessions and receives individual instruction with his or her mentor. Training takes place at La TOHU. During their first visit, students receive the safety course free of charge.

Fire show consultation

Are you planning to involve a fire show for your event? Our vast experience in event management with fire artists allows us to give you the advice that will turn your event into a guaranteed success. We know the artists you need and can guide you through the design and production of the show.

Framing for fire artists’ shows

We can provide safety equipment and competent technicians to ensure that your show runs smoothly!

Turnkey show!

Here we take care of everything! We find the artists who will meet your needs, obtain the permit of the fire department, supervise the artists, take care of the safety of the fire show, provide all the necessary equipment. It is the perfect solution to allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your event.

Self training

We organise regular free training sessions so that fire performers can train safely and legally. We are the organization that carried out the very first free and legal training sessions in Canada and we are very proud of it!


Since the very beginning of free training, it has quickly become essential to be able to direct newcomers to competent academic resources. Our training system has been developed over these years of experience.

GardeFeu Protocol

Author of the protocol allowing fire performers of different caliber and disciplines to safely share a common training area. This protocol paved the way for Canada’s first ever free and legal training.

It is taught free of charge to all new members of GardeFeu.