Flow arts spinning course with fire

The power of the flames in the palm of your hands

The mastery of fire is a bewitching art, no matter what the prop used. Whether it's to ignite poïs, sticks, whips, rope darts, hula hoops, swords, fans; the only limit is your imagination!

75.00$ per hour for individuals *
20.00$ per additional student in semi-private *

* Suggested prices, these prices may vary depending on your mentor

You don't have to be an expert in non-fire handling to start handling fire.

Becoming familiar with fire is a learning experience in itself. A student will be able to practice with the moves they have already mastered without fire and will add variety to their fire performance as they progress.

It is recommended that students learn fire early in their training as a fire handler.

Crédit photo: Hugo St-Laurent